Naildress Slider Design #78 Mickey
Naildress Slider Design #78 Mickey
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Naildress Slider Design #78 Mickey


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Optical print, texts, modern fonts, and a cult character- all in all, 8 black-and-white patterns,
each of which are wonderful in their own way.

Their combination in a manicure makes a nail design look especially pretty and eye-catching.

The design of these sliders allows for a broad variety in nail art: apply one print of your choice or combine several decorative elements of your choice all on 1 nail.

Additional information

Weight0.001 kg
Dimensions10 × 9 × 0.01 cm

How to use

  • Prepare the nail plate. Apply  gel polish Emilac
  • Apply Slider Top Gel.
  • Cut out the necessary decorative element and dip it in water for a few seconds. Remove the paper backside, apply the Naildress to the nail surface, and smooth. Cure the slider for 30 sec in the lamp.
  • Use a nail file on the sides and nail ends. Apply ULTRABOND to dissolve the slider residue and remove it from the nail cuticules, nail walls, and the free-edge area using a nail stick.
  • For a better Adhesion, apply ULTRABOND on the entire nail surface and air dry for a few seconds.
  • Cover with SLIDER TOP GEL. Polymerize in any lamp for 1  min.
  • Cover with TOP GEL TACKLESS. Cure in any lamp for 2 min.


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