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Acrylic vs Gel Nails

Everything about Polygel vs. Acrylic Nails

A new set of nails is a satisfying way to look and feel good about yourself! It’s a simple, but effective way to elevate your entire look and become an artist. Artificial nails are so trendy at this moment because they invite creativity, fashion, and beauty.  

Whether you prefer more natural-looking nails or something more elaborate, there are so many choices available with acrylic, gel, polygel, and acrygel nails. Many of these nails come in different lengths while some are less prone to damage than others. There are benefits to each of these types of artificial nails, but Emi School has the perfect solution for you – our very own acrygel formula which combines the best properties of both acrylic and gel. 

Keep on reading to learn more about Emi School’s acrygel and how it compares to the traditional acrylic nails and gel nails.

What is Acrygel?

Acrygel is an EMI brand polygel that combines the best properties of both acrylic and gel nails. The benefits of using acrygel are endless. Some of the most notable advantages are: 

  • Versatile material 
  • Lighter
  • Stronger than just acrylic or gel nails
  • No odor

Acrygel also does not run when applied to the nail. It’s much more comfortable to wear since it’s about 20% lighter than acrylic nails and 16% lighter than traditional gel nails. With acrygel, you can achieve thinner, more natural-looking nails that look amazing even in long lengths.

What is Polygel?

Polygel is a hybrid formula that combines the elasticity of traditional gel nails, with the durability of acrylic nails. The consistency of polygel is similar to putty and is very easy to apply and shape. You might be wondering how to do polygel nails.

The process is simple – polygel nails can be applied on top of a nail and be sculpted to create length on the nail much like acrylic.

They are less likely to break and it doesn’t require the hassle of having to mix powder. Polygel manicures can also last up to three to four weeks depending on your lifestyle and length of nails.

Benefits of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that forms a paste to create extensions on natural nails. Your nail bed is filed down and this mixture is placed on top of the nail where it hardens and adds strength and thickness to your nails.

There are several benefits of choosing acrylic nails. These include: 

Durability – people often choose an acrylic nail over others because of its reputation for both length and durability. This formula is tough, sturdy, and less likely to be damaged. 

Protective layer – if you opt for this type of nail, there is an added layer of protection for your natural nails underneath.

Smooth surface – when acrylic nails are completely dry, it leaves an incredibly smooth surface on the nail. This is perfect for those who like to incorporate an intricate nail design or nail art onto our fresh new set of nails. 

Endless options – acrylic nails are an excellent choice for artificial nails because of the multitude of options available. Your manicurist will provide you with a variety of nail lengths to choose from, and you can customize it even further according to your own preference. 

Low cost – among nail enthusiasts, acrylic nails are one of the more favorable nail options to choose from. Due to its widespread popularity, they are accessible for those to apply this trendy aesthetic without breaking the bank. 

Long-lastingacrylic nails have earned a reputation for lasting a long period of time. It’s also an incredibly popular nail choice because your nails continue to look brand new even weeks later.

Benefits of Gel Nails

Gel nails bear the closest resemblance to the natural nail mainly because there is no extension of the nail. Similar to acrylic nails, gel nails are made from a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. Gel nails follow a three-step process where you apply a gel base coat, then gel polish color, and finally a gel topcoat. The polish is cured by a UV or LED lamp for about two minutes. Once it’s cured, the gel polish hardens, and is then resistant to smudges, providing a super shiny finish.

These are the benefits of choosing gel nails:

Quick to dry – compared to regular nail polish, gel nails have a much faster drying time. Choosing gel nails is time-efficient, especially compared to the long, drawn-out process that wastes hours of your day. 

Looks natural – gel nails give you the same look and feel as natural nails, but with the added benefit of no chipping and a luxurious, glossy shine. 

Less damage – compared to other types of artificial nails, gel nails will not damage the nail bed. Another added benefit is that it does not leave an impression behind on the natural nails. 

No harsh fumes – gel nails are a much safer option than artificial nails since you aren’t breathing in any unpleasant fumes while you get your manicure done.

Why Acrygel from Emi School is Better

Emi School offers a wide selection of high-quality products like our specially formulated brand of acrygel. With Emi School, customer satisfaction is guaranteed because our acrygel formula combines the best properties of acrylic nails and traditional gel nails.

There are many other benefits to Emi School’s form of acrygel including how easy it is to use, it’s both lightweight and durable and it carries no odor when applied.

With this acrygel, you won’t have to worry about chipping or breakage because it has the same strength and durability of acrylic nails. It also has a great amount of elasticity similar to gel nails.

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Now that you know everything about acrygel, polygel and acrylic nails, join the Emi School team to establish yourself as a fashion manicure expert. Emi School is the first choice among nail enthusiasts and continues to be a leader in the industry in 36 different countries. We are proud to offer an extensive range of nail products and courses. To learn more about our materials and techniques, or to place an order, contact us today!

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