Naildress Slider Design #80 Intro, White
Naildress Slider Design #80 Intro, White
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Naildress Slider Design #80 Intro, White


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Get a tattoo look on your nails!

The latest fashion trend to confidently position and solidify itself among the leading fashion designs of this year.

Tattoos are often associated with rebelling, youth, audacity, and boldness; somewhat deservingly.

Most often, the tiny sketch tattoos in a manicure look can be very sophisticated and even elegant, especially on a nude, white, or milky coating.

Don’t be afraid to experiments! After all, this tattoo won’t stay with you forever.

Sliders are available in white and black shades.

Additional information

Weight0.001 kg
Dimensions10 × 9 × 0.01 cm

How to use

  • Prepare the nail plate. Apply  gel polish Emilac
  • Apply Slider Top Gel.
  • Cut out the necessary decorative element and dip it in water for a few seconds. Remove the paper backside, apply the Naildress to the nail surface, and smooth. Cure the slider for 30 sec in the lamp.
  • Use a nail file on the sides and nail ends. Apply ULTRABOND to dissolve the slider residue and remove it from the nail cuticules, nail walls, and the free-edge area using a nail stick.
  • For a better Adhesion, apply ULTRABOND on the entire nail surface and air dry for a few seconds.
  • Cover with SLIDER TOP GEL. Polymerize in any lamp for 1  min.
  • Cover with TOP GEL TACKLESS. Cure in any lamp for 2 min.


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