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How to apply emi nailcrust

How to apply Emi Nailcrust

Slider design

Emi Nailcrust

To ensure perfect and long lasting results:

apply slider top
  1. Apply Emilac Slider Top gel on prepared nail. Cure for 30 sec. tp 1 min. depends on your lamp
nailcrust application

2. Cut the desired element of the Nailcrust and dip it in the water for a few seconds. 

Remove the paper base, apply on the nail and stretch with your fingers.

Cure for 30 sec in the lamp

nailcrust decoration

3. Use the nail file to align the free age. 

Use a bit of Ultrabond gently remove the slider from the cuticle area and sidewalls of the nail.

With slightly wet brush, apply Untrabond on entire Nailcrust to perfectly attach the design.

Air dry for few seconds.

**If desired at this stage, you can use any  decoration material like gel paints, foils or watercolor.

nailcrust top coat

4. Coat with additional layer of Slider Top gel and cure for 60 sec.

Apply any Top Coat and cure for 60 sec. again

**If desired you can use any no tacky layer design product like Empasta or Gemty get to create textured designs. No addition layer of Top Cat needed.

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