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Emi School Canada's CEO & Senior Educator

Irina Jacobson

CEO of Emi Canada;
Part of Emi’s international educators team
Over 18 years of excellence in the nail industry;
Over 11 years as a nail educator with extensive knowledge in Russian E-File Manicure, self-leveling and no-filing techniques, hand-drawn designs, and more!
Successfully taught over 1,000 students;
As an educator, she is careful, thorough, and precise in her teaching, paying attention to the smallest details for the greatest results.
Emi Professional Educator

Shahina Zakariya

I am Shahina, also known as Shahz, a Mom, Dreamer, Believer, and Achiever. I obtained my certificate as a nail technician in April 2015 and have since been learning in the nail industry and have a great deal of passion on keeping up with the latest trends.

As a Nail Tech, Artist, and Educator, I have had the pleasure of being trained by world class Educators and Artists. These professionals have taught me techniques and methods which have helped me improve my skills to give satisfying and consistent results. I love to follow European trends and posses the skills in advanced methods in nail shapes/structure and nail art designs.

As an Educator, my goal is to help nail technicians get the most out of their potential so they can provide more effective and better services to their clients, and help them upgrade their skills and take them to the next level. I also want to inspire others to be successful in the nail industry by sharing my knowledge and expertise. With a passion for nails, Shahz Nailz hopes to help every nail professional discover themselves and set them up to be Superstars.

Instagram @Shahznailz

Email :

Tel : (514) 703-5642

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Emi Professional Educator

Elaheh Ebrahimi

Elaheh is a Persian Montrealer with nine years of experience in the nail industry. Her job is her biggest passion. She finds joy in the details and gets butterflies every time a customer tells her that they can’t stop looking at their nails!

Elaheh always strives for perfection which is why she can sometimes look a bit too serious. Elaheh’s goal is to share her passion and technical skills with students who wish to learn. You’ll almost always find her with a cup of coffee. 

Instagram @ela.ebra
Phone: (514)249-8434

Centre Eaton 705 rue St-Catherine West, #M24A, Montreal, QC H3B 4G5
Office number- 514-600-0464

Emi Professional Educator

Nataliya Knepman

When it comes to a chic salon manicure, Emi is a trendsetter and an innovator. We are the first choice of stylish people and nail industry leaders in 36 countries. Stay on top of the game with Emi materials and techniques! Create a successful beauty salon, become a sought-after nail artist, and establish yourself as a fashion manicure expert! Become a part of a successful fashion business– join our Emi Team!
We are “7 FREE” & CRUELTY-FREE. Emi uses the best and healthiest product ingredients. Our brand is certified with the highest European standards.
All our certificates are available here.

All our certificates you can see here.

Emi Professional Educator

Iryna Zabiran

Iryna started doing her nails when she was 16 and got inspired since then. It started as a hobby, but later Iryna decided to devote her life to a career in nail artistry.

In 2009 Iryna graduated “Beauty Nails International” in Ukraine. In 2010 Iryna moved to the USA where she got a nail technician license and started her career at InSpa. Later she moved to London where she took advanced courses from world class champion Margarita Belska. 

In 2016 Iryna opened a spa salon called “Look at me” in Bellevue. Iryna is the salon owner where she is responsible for business operations and development. Her mission is to take nail art to the next level.

After spending a few months trying to hire nail technicians with the skills matching her customer’s expectations, Iryna decided to train nail technicians for her salon. Now her salon is the best salon in the Seattle area. They are the only spa that provides E-file manicures and pedicures with the full Emi collection. Her salon is completely booked with high end clientele by appointments only months in advance. She wants to continue training her employees and expand her business to multiple locations. 


Now Iryna is doing in-person and online courses twice a month and also traveling with classes and expo shows in the USA and Canada.    


Instagram @Izabiran

Cell +14255241919 

Work +14254440102

Emi Professional Educator

Thu Nguyen

Thu has been a nail technician since 2017, but don’t let that fool you! Nails have her life passion and her only hobby. She has been non-stop learning and sharpening her skills every single day to achieve her dream: to become a top-notch professional nail technician. 

For every client, Thu strongly believes in the importance of a healthy nails as she always spends more time taking care of their nails even before starting to sculpt and design on those tiny little blank canvases. She gushes with pride and happiness every time her clients boast about their friends compliments about their gorgeous nails.

As an educator, she is excited to work with her students on an individual basis and hopes to spread her passion to as many students as she possibly can.




Phone- 416-559-4748 

Nail Salon location- 1570 Hyde Park Rd, London, ON N6H L5L

Thu Art Partner
Emi Professional Educator


Originally from Moscow

-A professional in the nail industry since 2008
-Passed all stages from working at home to an international judge and champion of nail competitions.
– Life motto is “learn, strive, and achieve”
– I’ve always liked to push myself. I guess it’s something of a family trait! But the idea of constantly setting goals, no matter the obstacles, and striving to achieve them is something that I fully believe in.
– As an educator, my goal is to encourage others to grow and achieve their goals.

|nstagram @nail_school_canada/


Phone- 1604-698 8284

Nail Salon location- 

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