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Emi School Canada's CEO & Senior Educator

Alina Margulis

CEO of Emi Canada;
Part of Emi’s international educator’s team, Alina has been a professional manicurist/pedicurist for over 19 years, during this time she conquered the pedicure world and special forms techniques. She fell in love with EMI because it supplies her with the quality, creativity and mastery to create the perfect nails. Her primary passion is to provide all the knowledge and consideration to make sure every person has the knowledge to work independently and fall in love with the nail industry.
Alina Margulis CEO EMI CANADA
Emi Professional Educator

Iryna Zabiran

Iryna started doing her nails when she was 16 and got inspired since then. It started as a hobby, but later Iryna decided to devote her life to a career in nail artistry.

In 2009 Iryna graduated “Beauty Nails International” in Ukraine. In 2010 Iryna moved to the USA where she got a nail technician license and started her career at InSpa. Later she moved to London where she took advanced courses from world class champion Margarita Belska. 

In 2016 Iryna opened a spa salon called “Look at me” in Bellevue. Iryna is the salon owner where she is responsible for business operations and development. Her mission is to take nail art to the next level.

After spending a few months trying to hire nail technicians with the skills matching her customer’s expectations, Iryna decided to train nail technicians for her salon. Now her salon is the best salon in the Seattle area. They are the only spa that provides E-file manicures and pedicures with the full Emi collection. Her salon is completely booked with high end clientele by appointments only months in advance. She wants to continue training her employees and expand her business to multiple locations. 


Now Iryna is doing in-person and online courses twice a month and also traveling with classes and expo shows in the USA and Canada.    


Insta: @Izabiran

Cell +14255241919 

Work +14254440102

Classes in Washington, DC

Emi Professional Educator

Julia Vorozhtsova

For those who don’t know me yet, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Nails and manicure has always been my passion, even back when I worked as an economist in Ukraine. Therefore, when I decided to immigrate, I did not know for a long time what I would pursue. Working as a nail tech since 2015, I constantly go through various trainings and improve myself. Over the years, I have gained sufficient experience in the techniques of European manicure, nail modeling and designs of varying complexity, which I am now ready to share teaching others. In 2021, I decided to try myself as an instructor and became an art partner. Emischool_canada is ready to invite you to study where you will be able to master a new profession from scratch, improve your skills, working with high quality materials from Europe (Czech Republic) and using the e-file manicure technique.

insta: @v.julia_nailart

Emi School Canada's CEO & Senior Educator

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