Natural Composite Gel, 5/15/100gNatural-Composite-Gel_jar_15-g.png
Natural Composite Gel, 5/15/100g
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Natural Composite Gel, 5/15/100g


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2-in-1 Multifunctional sculptor gel for sculpting on forms and for sealing/repairing.

Extremely resistant- When performing sealing, the gel protects the free edge against delamination.

High viscosity- Easy to seal free edge, restore down-facing corners and broken fragments. Does not leak over nail forms, allows to perform a simultaneous manicure on 4-5 nails, and perfectly holds an arch. .

Natural colour- Beige shade corresponds to the colour of natural nail





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5g, 15g

How to use


  1. Prepare the natural nail plate. Use a soft nail file to remove off the shine.
  2. Degrease the surface of the natural nail.
  3. Apply the Liquid Base Gel /Super Bond Gel in a thin layer. Polymerize for 1 minute in any lamp.
  4. Seal the free edge of the nail with Natural Composite Gel
  5. Cure for 1 min
  6. Apply the Soft Nude/ Soft Pink/Monophase/any Base Gel in a strengthening layer. Polymerize for 2 minutes in any lamp.
  7. Apply coat either with Ultrashine Top Gel or Top gel Tackless.


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