Acid-Based Keratolytic Softener for Rough Skin, 100ml


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Acid-Based Keratolytic – gently softens the foot skin!
Active ingredients: Citric, tartaric, and moreover lactic acids produce gentle softening effect, efficiently removing dead skin cells.

Lactic acid retains moisture in the epidermis, increasing elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
Gentle action: Alkaline Keratolytic and the active acids produce a gentle softening effect, delicately and quickly exfoliate the dead skin cells without heating up the skin.
Great for both classic and E-file pedicures– considerably saves treatment time.

Indications for use:
• Thin dry skin
• Cracked skin
• Can be used for diabetic foot (without damages of skin covering)

• Sensitive skin
• Allergy (careful in case of allergy on citric fruits)
• Wound surfaces
• Childhood (under the age of 14 years old)


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