Our amazing super cost-efficient try-me E.Mi kits are here!!!
3 options for every nail artist’s needs! 💕
Love nail designs and wondering about our product quality? This is the perfect kit for you! You can try our top designs and create your express designs!
1. Tackless top gel (rubbery non-sticky top coat) 9ml
2. Slider top gel (rubbery top coat with sticky layer- perfect for nail crust and nails dresses) 9ml
3. Ultrabond (primer with 100% adhesion- perfects nail dresses)
4. Empasta (thick decorative gel with no sticky layer- for drawing and texture designs) 2ml
5. Spider gel (create even the thinnest lines with this non-runny gel) 5ml
6. E.MiLac (highly pigmented gel polish that only requires ONE LAYER for the perfect coverage) 9ml
7. Gel paint (highly pigmented decorative gel for drawing and full-nail-coverage on classic systems) 5ml
8. Charmicon (3D silicone stickers for beautiful express designs)
9. Naildress (high quality water-transfer decal for gorgeous designs)
10. Barbie Girl oil (our signature scent) 6ml
*E.MiLacs, charmicons, naildresses, gel paints, empastas, and spider gels will be randomly selected and not limited to what is showing in the photo*

*One per customer*