Our amazing super cost-efficient try-me E.Mi kits are here!!!
3 options for every nail artist’s needs! 💕

Our builder gels are best known for their gorgeous colours, long-lasting characteristics, and their amazing self-levelling capabilities!
1. Nail prep aid (dehydrator) 9ml
2. Ultrabond (primer with 109% adhesion) 9ml
3. Liquid base gel (regular base) 9ml
4.Hard gel in a bottle (glass-like strong builder gel that is self-leveling – great for extensions on forms and overall nail sculpting) 15ml
5. Soft gel (self-leveling builder gel in a jar available in 3 beautiful colours) 5ml
6. Acrygel (builder gel that has the best properties of acrylic and gel) 5ml
7. Cleaning spray (to work with Acrygel) 10ml
8. Tackless top gel (rubbery non-sticky top gel)
9. E.MiLac x2 (highly pigmented gel polish that only requires ONE COAT for the perfect coverage)
10. Leaf brush
11. Nail Forms (pack of 20)
12. Barbie Girl oil (our signature scent) 6ml
*All colours of E.MiLac and soft gel will be randomly selected and not limited to what is showing in the photo*

*One per customer*