4 components of an ideal color for judges of elegance and possessors of exceptional taste.

This set is a real must-have for a business lady. The shades perfectly match each other, will never be out of fashion and efficiently accentuate the manicure flawlessness.

Everything required for ultra-glossy coat in 1 set!

  • Refined and elegant shades. The nude colors within the set will accentuate the natural beauty of your nails.
  • Original gift in a stylish package.
  • All judges of flawless manicure will like the sets and these sets will represent the pearls in the collection of ultra strong nail polishes.
  • A good buy. On purchasing ultra strong nail polishes in a set you save more than 15%.

Set consists of:

1. Classic Beige #009, 9 ml;
2. Flawless Red #030, 9 ml;
3. Burgundy Wine #027, 9 ml;
+ Ultra Strong Top Coat Gel Effect, 9 ml.