Soft Milk Gel, 5/15/50g

Soft Milk Gel, 5/15/50g

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Soft Milk Gel, 5/15/50g - 15g
Soft Milk Gel, 5/15/50g - 50g
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Soft Milk Gel- milk-coloured camouflage gel for nail sculpting. Exquisite milky shade. Soft Milk Gel is perfect for a baby boomer French Fade manicure. Perfect consistency. The gel has optimal viscosity, preventing it from running while allowing it to perfectly hold the shape during application. 100 % self-leveling. The gel requires minimal filing, allowing the nail artist to considerably save time.

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How to use

I’m perfect for:
nail modeling over the natural nail,
nude manicure,
Baby Boomer.

But my colleagues will be more useful:
for nail extension,
in case of wet nails.

Polymerization time is 2 min.


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