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E.Mi Gel System Mini 2.0 set – a must have for strengthening and correction of natural nails! Redesigned set content. This revamped set now includes everything a beginner nail artist needs. Versatility. Our E.Mi Gel System Mini set will allow you to master several different techniques: express modelling, nail strengthening and sealing of natural nails and arched modeling . Free guides included! Money saver. Buy the set to save over 10% of the product value!
In set:

  • Brilliant Finish Gel, 15 ml.
  • Brush logo E.Mi
  • Brush Leaf #6
  • Brush Oval #6
  • Easy One Gel, 5 g.
  • Nail Prep Aid 9 ml.
  • Nail Stick 10 pcs.
  • Natural Composite Gel, 5 g.
  • NF for natural nails pink 180/240
  • NF Zebra Oval 100/180
  • NF Zebra Standard 100/180
  • Soft File 100/180
  • Soft Nude Gel, 5 g.
  • Soft Pink Gel, 5 g.
  • Super Bond Gel, 15 ml.
  • Ultrabond. 9 ml.
  • Nail Forms single use E.Mi,100pcs.