Light Pink Acrygel, 5/15/50g

Light Pink Acrygel, 5/15/50g

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Light Pink Acrygel, 5/15/50g - 5 g.
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Light Pink Acrygel, 5/15/50g - 50 g.
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Acrygel: the best properties of both acryl and gel.

Creating an everlasting manicure without sealing the free edge has never been easier.


  • Suitable for weak and damaged nails.
  • Dries in any lamp.
  • Gives no detachments on the free edge and in cuticles area.
Acrygel = best properties of both acryl + gel:
  • Flexible and elastic.
  • Lighter and stronger.
  • Odorless.
  • Does not spread out.
  • Does not burn.
  • Produces a heavier filling dust that gravitates to the desk.

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How to use

Shape the nail plate.
Apply Nail Prep Aid and Ultrabond.
Cover with base coat (E.MiLac Base / Hard Base Gel).
Cure for 2 min in any lamp.

Take the required amount of Acrygel using a nail stick. Apply it onto the nail plate.
Use a brush to spread Acrygel over the nail surface, shaping it into a desirable form.

First, press and then spread the product in a thin layer near the nail cuticles and nail walls, then spread it over the entire nail plate with stretching movements.

Use the Nail File White 100/180, Soft File 100/180.
Cleanse the surface with Eurocleanser.

Apply a decorative coating.
Cover with top coat (E.MiLac Top Gel / Ultra Shine / Tackless / Velvet). Cure for 2 minutes in any lamp.

Please, prepare some stuff:
Do not apply too much pressure, instead you should smoothly stretch the product over the nail plate using a brush. Applying too much pressure might cause that the brush leaves the traces afterwards.



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