Twinny #04 Daiquiri, 9ml

Twinny #04 Daiquiri, 9ml


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In stock

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  • Combines the nail modeling and the color coating stages.
  • Superfast manicure. Greatly reduce the time of nail care service.
  • Optimal viscosity. The gel polishes don’t run on the nail plate.
  • Perfect choice for a ‘latecomer’.
  • Barely visible semitransparent border when the nails grow out.
  • Color palette includes the 6 sweetest pastel shades.
  • Look flawless either when coated with glossy or matte top coat.
  • Fine shimmer adds sophistication and elegance.
  • Large figured glitter as a design element.
  • Durability for up to 4 weeks.

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