E.MiLac Hard Base Gel

E.MiLac Hard Base Gel


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Smth for weak & soft nails?

Rigid and highly viscosity E.MiLac Hard Base Gel is the answer!

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    • Rigid base coat to ensure a super long-lasting manicure.
    • Prevents chips, detachments, and any damage to the nail plate.
    • Ensures perfect alignment and coating strength.
    • Perfect for nail sculpting, strengthening, repair, and extensions.
    • Strongly holds the structural frame in nails that are weak, soft, easily bent and turning out of shape when growing out.
    • Optimally thick consistency, high viscosity, self-leveling.

How To Use

  1. Make a manicure procedure and degrease with Eurocleancer.
  2. Apply Nail Prep Aid on cuticle zone and Ultrabond on the nail plate and the top of free edge. Let it air dry.
  3. Apply E.MiLac Base Gel. Cure for 2 min.
  4. Apply E.Mi Hard Base Gel. Cure for 1 min in LED/CCFL lamp or 2 min in UV.

Don’t remove a sticky layer from E.MiLac Hard Base Gel before applying a color layer.

The Base Gel is easily removed with E.Mi Gel Polish Remover in 10-15 minutes, additional filing needed.


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