E.MiLac Base Gel Caramel #09, 9/15 ml.

E.MiLac Base Gel Caramel #09, 9/15 ml.

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10 shades of base coat for nude look manicure

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E.MiLac Base Gel Caramel #09, 9/15 ml. - 9 ml.
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Professional camouflage base gel-polish for aligning and sculpting the nail plate

  • Flexible and dense consistency strengthens thin, brittle, and fragile nails prone to bending
  • Does not cave in during wear
  • Stabilizes the nail plate and holds the shape
  • Evens the colour of the nail bed, hides imperfections, and gives a desired shade
  • The product line has shades for any skin colour
  • Can be used either as an independent coating or for intensifying the colour of light shades
  • Suitable for nail extension with nail forms
  • Perfect for sculpting
  • Protects natural nails against penetration of colouring pigment
  • Compatible with any gel polish colour

Easy to work with

  • Optimal medium-viscosity consistency: isn’t runny
  • Does not come off, does not fade, does not crack, and does not shrink!
  • Does not over-dry the nail plate; can be worn continuously between sessions
  • Does not get thick and does not turn into a jelly over time
  • Soak-off



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How to use

!!Before using camouflage base gel, it is recommended to use E.MiLac Base Gel!!

  1. Prepare the natural nail plate. Use a soft nail file to remove the shine
  2. Degrease the surface of the natural nail
  3. Apply a thin layer of liquid E.MiLac Base Gel. Cure for 2 minutes in any lamp.
  4. Apply camouflage E.MiLac Base Gel in a strengthening technique. Cure for 2 minutes in any lamp.
  5. On top of the camouflage E.MiLac Base Gel, draw a French design using E.MiLac gel polish “White Lotus” #001-01 and coat either with E.MiLac Top Gel or E.MiLac Tackless Top Gel.

Soak-off removal

How to remove


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