Gemty Gels Set (Sparkly)


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Gemty Gel! Gemty Gel – decorative gel without sticky layer COMPLEX DESIGN IN 2 STEPS! 1. Paste Charmicon, coat with finish gel 2. Fill in with Gemty gel and the design is ready! There is no need to coat the design additionally or remove grease INNOVATIVE PRODUCT GEMTY GEL WITHOUT STICKY LAYER serves to create precious manicure in 2 steps! Complex jewellery manicure is easy and fast to make. Gemty gels without sticky layer perfectly matches specially developed Charmicon and Naildress, that’s why it is easy to work with Gemty gels even for beginners. Jewellery manicure. 8 tackless gels to create exclusive jewellery design. Luxurious colours with shimmering effect like the most noble and precious stones have will become a real decoration. Luxurious shine. Ekaterina Miroshnichenko has developed a unique innovative material that helps to create interesting combinations of complex shapes for jewellery E.Mi-manicure. Bargain! On buying Gemty in a set, you save more 10%. Polymerizes only in E.Mi lamp (30W) 1 min or in LED (45W) and LED/CCFL lamps 2-3 min.


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