Set Gel System
Set Gel System
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Set Gel System

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EMI Gel System set ‚Äď a must-have for strengthening and correction of natural nails!
  • Redesigned set content.¬†The updated composition includes 20 EMI products – a necessary base for working with clients
  • Versatility.¬†The EMI Gel System Mini set will allow you to master several different techniques: nail modeling without filing, nail strengthening and sealing of natural nails and arched modeling.
  • Money saver.¬†Buy the set to save 17%!

In Set:

  • Brush Leaf #6
  • Brush Oval #6
  • Corn-shaped Ceramic Rotary File, 6 mm, abrasiveness Fine
  • Ball-Shaped Diamond Coated Rotary File, 3 mm, Medium abrasiveness
  • Flame-shaped Diamond Coated Rotary File, 2,2 mm, Fine abrasiveness
  • Nail Prep Aid 9 ml.
    • Perfectly removes¬†the water and natural oil excess to make a firm adhesion with a nail plate.
    • Penetrates only the upper layers¬†of the nail plate, keeps the natural structure and thickness.
    • Due to its liquid consistency, it is¬†easy to apply¬†and economical to use.
  • Ultrabond 9 ml.-
    • A perfect primer for gel coat adhesion
    • Prepares the nail plate for perfect coating without liftings.
  • Super Bond Gel, 9 ml. –Super strong base layer (bonder) for hard gel system.
    • This product is responsible to adhere between natural nail and any sculpting hard gel or acrygel.
  • Nail Forms single use
  • Easy One Gel, 5 g. -One-phase transparent sculpture gel 3 in 1 (base, sculpture, protection):
    • Elastic, flexible,¬†easy to work¬†with.
    • 100 % self-leveling, requires no filing.
    • High gloss
  • Soft Pink Gel, 5 g.– Tender pink shade.
    • Elastic, flexible,¬†easy to work¬†with.
    • 100 % self-leveling, requires a minimum of filing.
    • Perfectly covering the line¬†of the free edge of a nail at a minimal height, presenting no aftergrowing line.
    • More liquid consistency. Viscosity as in E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel: doesn‚Äôt spread out, holds the shape well when laid out on the nails.
    • Perfectly holds the shape¬†after polymerization.
    • High gloss.NF for natural nails pink 180/240
  • Natural Composite Gel, 5 g.-Multifunctional 2-in-1 sculpture gel for sculpting on the forms and for sealing/repairing.
    • Extremely resistant. When performing the sealing the gel protects the free edge against delamination.
    • High viscosity.¬†Easy to seal end faces, restore downed corners and broken fragments. Does not flows over the form, allows to perform a simultaneous manicure on 4-5 fingers, perfectly holds the arch.
    • Natural color.¬†Beige shade corresponds to the color of natural nail.Super glossy shine, up to 4 weeks.
    • Resistant to scratches and damage. Does not break, does not fade, does not crack, does not tighten.
    • Does not turn yellow .
    • Hypoallergenic, does not contain any solvents and resins.Ultra Shine Top Gel, 9 ml. -Extra strong finish top coat with glass effect, without sticky layer.
    • Glassy effect
    • Without sticky layer.
  • Acrygel Glass, 5 g -Crystal clear, transparent shade
    • ¬†Suitable for weak and damaged nails
    • Strengthens, shapes, and lengthens
    • Causes no detachments on the free edge and near the nail cuticles
    • Manageable and flexible
  • NF Zebra Standard 100/180
  • NF Zebra Oval 100/180
  • Soft File 100/180
  • Brush logo E.Mi
  • Nail Stick 1 pc

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