Season of Contrast Gel Paint- Navy Blue 5ml
Navy Blue Gel Paint, 5ml
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Navy Blue Gel Paint, 5ml

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Flavor-of-the-month! The latest tones of the season are in Season of Contrast gel paints collection: sunny mustard, warm pink, deep purple, strident dark blue, deep emerald and sober dark blue. The contrast set of colours is as natural as possible and the bright key points won’t let you disappear in winter dullness. Casual chic! Complex and deep tones will be perfect both for business and casual outfits. They will make your image more sensual, cheer and warm you up in nasty weather. Ideal match! The colours from new gel paints collection Season of ?ontrast perfectly match the colours from EMPASTA Fashion Texture Winter Collection set. It helps to make E.Mi manicure matching the tones and using legendary original techniques Fashion Texture and Imitation of Reptiles skin.

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