Naildress #45 Reptile and Painting
Naildress #45 Reptile and Painting
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Naildress #45 Reptile and Painting


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  • Open season- Designs with eye-catching reptile print and painted swirls for fashion accents on your manicure
  • Express design- Create sophisticated nail designs in just 1 minute!
  • No special training required- A great find for an experienced nail artist or a beginner
  • Brilliantly simple- No need to cut out the design with scissors- any excess transparent film can be easily removed with Ultrabond

[tab name=”HOW TO USE“]

  • Prepare the nail plate
  • Apply E.Milac Slider Top Gel
  • Cut out the necessary decorative element and dip it in water for a few seconds
  • Remove the paper backside, apply the Naildress to the nail surface, and smoothen
  • Dry slider in lamp for 30 sec
  • Use a nail file on the sides and nail ends
  • Apply Ultrabond to dissolve the slider’s residue and remove it from the cuticles, nail walls, and the free-edge using a nail stick. For better adhesion, apply Ultrabond on the entire nail surface and air dry for a few seconds
  • Coat with E.Milac Slider Top Gel
  • Coat with E.Milac Tackless Top Gel


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