Light Pink Acrygel, 5/15/50g
Light Pink Acrygel, 15/50g
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Light Pink Acrygel, 15/50g



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Acrygel: the best properties of both acryl and gel.

Creating an everlasting manicure without sealing the free edge has never been easier.


  • Suitable for weak and damaged nails.
  • Dries in any lamp.
  • Gives no detachments on the free edge and in cuticles area.
Acrygel = best properties of both acryl + gel:
  • Flexible and elastic.
  • Lighter and stronger.
  • Odorless.
  • Does not spread out.
  • Does not burn.
  • Produces a heavier filling dust that gravitates to the desk.

Additional information


15g, 50g

How to use

Shape the nail plate.
Apply Nail Prep Aid and Ultrabond.
Cover with base coat (E.MiLac Base / Hard Base Gel).
Cure for 2 min in any lamp.

Take the required amount of Acrygel using a nail stick. Apply it onto the nail plate.
Use a brush to spread Acrygel over the nail surface, shaping it into a desirable form.

First, press and then spread the product in a thin layer near the nail cuticles and nail walls, then spread it over the entire nail plate with stretching movements.

Use the Nail File White 100/180, Soft File 100/180.
Cleanse the surface with Eurocleanser.

Apply a decorative coating.
Cover with top coat (E.MiLac Top Gel / Ultra Shine / Tackless / Velvet). Cure for 2 minutes in any lamp.

Please, prepare some stuff:
Do not apply too much pressure, instead you should smoothly stretch the product over the nail plate using a brush. Applying too much pressure might cause that the brush leaves the traces afterwards.


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