Express manicure nail tips StilettoExpress manicure nail tips Stiletto
Express manicure nail tips Stiletto
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Express manicure nail tips Stiletto


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Express extensions: easy to apply and do not require work on the architecture of the nail, saving time.
• Suitable for any technique: easy to use and file, tips are a great alternative to gel nail extension.
• Gel tips look like natural nails: thin and do not create extra thickness.
• The high quality of the material allows you to file and give the nail any shape and length.

For Instructions Please Check How To Use Section

How to use

  1. How to use?STEP 1. Prepare the nail plate, grind and file the free edge. We select tips for each finger in accordance with its size. Degrease Eurocleanser. For additional degreasing, apply Nail Prep Aid.
    STEP 2. For the prevention of detachments, apply Ultrabond to the entire nail plate. Air dry.
    STEP 3. We file the contact zone of the tips inside to the size of the nail bed.
    STEP 4. Apply a thin layer of Liquid Base gel/Sculpt-Medium Base Gel/Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel. Cure for 30-60 seconds in the lamp.
    STEP 5. Apply a thin layer of Liquid Base gel/ Sculpt-Medium Base Gel/Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel to tips.
    STEP 6. We fix the tips on the nail plate and cureit in the lamp for 1-2 minutes.
    STEP 7. We remove the step between tips and natural nail. If necessary, apply Cuticle Remover, hold for 2 minutes and remove the remnants of the epidermal sawdust, finalize the manicure.
    STEP 8. Degrease the tips. Apply Base gel/E.MiLac Sculpt-Medium Base Gel/E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel to even out the tips-natural nail border.


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