Efile Pedicure Bit Set by MUSEEfile Pedicure Muse Set
Efile Pedicure Bit Set by MUSE
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Efile Pedicure Bit Set by MUSE


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EfileĀ PedicureĀ Bit SetĀ is most suitable for lifting, pushing, shortening and polishing the cuticles.


  • FlameĀ Medium Bit 1.8mm grit (with heat-free technology)Ā – for pushing and cleaning under the cuticle
  • Ball Diamond BitĀ 5.0mm Medium grit (with heat-free technology)Ā – for cuticle removal and polish
  • Ball Diamond BitĀ 3.1mm Fine gritĀ (with heat-free technology)Ā – for cuticle removal and polish
  • Bud Diamond Bit 3.1 mmĀ FineĀ gritĀ (with heat-free technology)Ā – 2 in 1, as a flame and ball in one
  • Barrel Ceramic Jewelled BitĀ FineĀ gritĀ – for product removal.
  • Free Muse Bits Box!

For professional use only!

Cleaning instructions:

  1. Clean under the warm water with soap, and gently use a brush to scrub the bit head.
  2. Once washed should be put into a disinfectant solution or in an autoclave.
  3. Once disinfected with a paper towel wipe it down before use or let it air dry.

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Dimensions2.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 cm


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