Alpine Snow Gel Paint, 5ml
Alpine Snow Gel Paint, 5ml
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Alpine Snow Gel Paint, 5ml


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A LEGENDARY gel paint so pigmented that it only needs ONE coat for perfect coverage!

For painting, drawing, and 3D coating- even on very thin nails!

Perfect for classic French manicure coating

Additional information

Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions1.4 × 1.4 × 1.4 cm


How to use

! Recommended to use with a Gel System.

  1. Prepare the natural nail plate.
  2. Degrease the surface of the natural nail.
  3. Apply Gel or Acrygel, and polymerize during 2 minutes in any lamp.
  4. Apply the gel paint. Let to polymerize in any lamp during 2 min. Usually, 1 layer is enough, but you can coat with the second one for more saturated color.
  5. Cover with Brilliant Finish Gel or Matt Finish Gel. Polymerize during 2 minutes in any lamp.


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