Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #183 Punk RockCharmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #183 Punk Rock
Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #183 Punk Rock
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Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #183 Punk Rock

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Inscriptions, slogans, “statement phrases” – a choice of strong and courageous individuals, using manicure as an excellent opportunity to declare their position or declare it to society.

Short phrases for minimalist self-contained designs and large letters for designs – one on each nail.

Suitable for all nail systems: E.Mi Gel System gel, E.MiLac gel polish, E.MiLac Gel Effect.

Additional information

Weight0.001 kg
Dimensions11 × 6.5 × 0.01 cm

How to use

  1. Preform any manicure with Base Gel/Extensions/Nail Polish
  2. Apply any desirable colour coat and cure for 1 min.
  3. Apply thin layer of Tackhless Top
  4. Cure for 1 min.
  5. Apply Charmicon at desirable place. Attach with your finger.
  6. Apply additional coat of Tackhless Top gel
  7. Cure for 2 min.


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