Ace Base Gel #07 Coral Neon, 9 ml.Ace Base #07 Coral Neon, 9 ml.
Ace Base Gel #07 Coral Neon, 9 ml.
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Ace Base Gel #07 Coral Neon, 9 ml.


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Ace Base Gel 07 Coral Neon, 9 ml.

Neon nails are always in fashion, how about bright neon orange ?!

  • Thin in application but is strong as a hard gel
    Formulated with high adhesion to ensure incredible durability
  • Coloured base with a super-pigmented formula
  • One-coat application & Self-Leveling for fast application
  • Non-leaking formula to the cuticle or lateral edges
  • Long-lasting minimum of 3 weeks
  • Money saver product
  • 7 Free of harsh chemicals
  • Not tested on animals

Additional information

Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 8 cm

How to use


  1. Prepare the natural nail plate. Use a soft nail file to remove off the shine.
  2. Degrease the surface of the natural nail.
  3. Optional -Apply the Liquid Base Gel in a thin layer. Polymerize for 1 minute in any lamp.
  4. Apply Ace Base Gel in 2 thin layers. Polymerize for 2 minutes in any lamp.
  5. Apply coat either with Ultrashine Top Gel or Top gel Tackless.

How to remove


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