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    ALL IN with Emi! This course covers the original most wanted nail design techniques! Always representing the pinnacle of fashion and helping create manicures of any complexity for each client.

    These designs are always helpful if you are unable to draw and will help you create quick and beautiful designs!

    • 3D fill-in designs (Gemty Gels)
    • Empasta- create textured manicure designs
    • Pigments, Dusts, Powders- Brilliant, Chameleon pigments, and Satin Effect rub-in
    • Velvet Sand- Cozy Manicure & Knitted nails
    • Liquid Stones- Voluminous gem-like decorations
    • Charmicons- glamorous manicure in SECONDS
    • Naildresses- slider designs on natural and artificial nails
    Learn how to create sophisticated designs quickly and easily using several product combos in just a few easy steps. Express designs.
    Emi nails
    Different designs in this course!
    Learn how to use a huge variety of Emi products, different combinations and tips which will enable you to create an array of your own designs!

    Elevate your Instagram portfolio with your new show-stopping designs!

    PROFESSIONAL nail photography and photo editing course
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