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Rhinestones & Crystals
Rhinestones & Crystals Online Courses

Rhinestones & Crystals

Online course



10 lessons

Join our junior educator, Inna Yakovlev, to learn sparkly and shiny designs to satisfy all your nail jewelry desires!

Learn proper placement, tips, tricks, and practice designs using rhinestones, Swarovski Crystals, Metallic decor, and microbeads.
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Nails Design

In This Course:

4 theoretical videos which will help you learn about rhinestones & microbeads, placement techniques, and fixation for long-wear from scratch.

6 practical lessons with designs on nails of different shape and length and from beginner to advanced design techniques.

The course will teach you the following theoretical topics:

  • Product knowledge and proper material use
  • Introduction to different types of stones
  • Proper stone placement and fixation
  • Tips and tricks for long wear
  • How to save time during sessions and maximize your earnings through creativity
  • Combining stones, microbeads, and metallic decor of different shapes and sizes and making it look absolutely FABULOUS!
rhinestones & microbeads
nail photography and photo editing course


FREE PROFESSIONAL nail photography and photo editing course for QUICK and EASY photo perfecting!

Tips and tricks to help you post the most beautiful and sellable photos on social media and grow your business!

Elevate your Instagram portfolio with your new show-stopping designs!

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