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Russian Manicure & Sculpting with Soak-Off Gels

Russian Manicure is a unique solution for healthy, perfect-looking nails. 



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Artistic Painting

After completing this course, you will know how to draw lines, floral designs, animal prints, insects, swirls, and more! You will also gain knowledge and practice.



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Top 10

ALL IN with Emi! This course covers the original most wanted nail design techniques! Always representing the pinnacle of fashion.



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Join us for a course by Emi’s founder, Ekaterina Miroshnichenko with voiceover by Inna Yakovlev from Emi Canada and learn unique techniques and designs with volume and top-notch creativity!



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Fluid Art

Fashion, trends, and uniqueness is what Emi is all about! Our exciting Fluid Art course ensures that as we bring something new, exceptionally different, and fun to you!



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French- Basic & Stylized

French Manicure can never go out of style and has proven to only get better and more interesting over the years. Emi Canada has the French designs that will make you say Bonjour!



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Rhinestones & Crystals

Join our junior educator, Inna Yakovlev, to learn sparkly and shiny designs to satisfy all your nail jewelry desires! 



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