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pedicure course toronto

Pedicure Course + KIT

$1500+ tax

4 days

10am - 4pm each day

    One of our representatives will contact you personally with all additional details of the course.

    Student In-Class Kits for FREE!

    *Kit value = $250

    Mini Podo Disk
    19mm or 21mm disk

    Files on Mini Podo:
    – 100
    – 180
    – 240
    – 320

    Each package contains 60 pcs.
    – Mini buffers 25 pcs. in the bag

    Files on 19mm:

    – 100
    – 180
    – 240
    – 320

    Each package contains 60 pcs.
    19mm buffers 25 pcs. In the bag

    Stylus for cuticle 30
    Stylus tip file 180, 240
    Stylus wrap file 180, 240, 320
    60 in each bag

    Silver water
    Antifungal Vita Oil 5ml
    Cuticle oil 15 ml

    Emi Base gel
    Emi Top gel

    Disc Pedicure: Quick, Safe, With Long Lasting Results!

    Speedy professional-grade pedicure like you’ve never seen before. With advanced European techniques and products, get ready for smooth and healthy feet and say BYE to cracks forever!

    Disc Pedicure Techniques

    This incredible technique is not only about super speed (disc pedicure can take only 20 minutes for both feet!).

    It is ALSO the ideal quality of a pedicure – this quality cannot be achieved by any keratolytics or other means and instruments.

    • Due to the high speed of rotation,
    • Due to the delicate action of the silicon carbide abrasive,
    • Perfect finishing polish,
    • A correctly opened and processed crack.
    pedicure course kit
    pedicure course before and after

    Pedicure Effect

    The effect of a disc pedicure is simply amazing! The client will definitely notice this.

    • The effect is visible immediately after the pedicure
    • Perfect smoothness and mirror-like surface
    • The BEST part – the effect lasts several times longer, the skin does not dry out!
    • The client can get rid of cracks forever.

    Disc Pedicure Process

    The order of this magical process:

    • Got a disc
    • Placed the required file
    • Processed both feet (6-10 minutes)
    • Worked cracks & fingers and removed gel polish with a disc (5-8 minutes )
    • Polished all feet with p320 abrasive (5 min)


    That is all, can you believe it??

    No work overload or body discomfort.

    disc pedicure course
    disc pedicure course toronto

    Sign Up for the Pedicure Course:

    The cost of materials for such a procedure is extremely affordable. After training and successfully completing all homework assignments, you will receive an Emi School Pedicure Certificate!

    The course comes with a kit of ALL products you will need to start and service your first 50 clients!

    Show off your new skills after taking our 4-day course:

    pedicure course
    pedicure course free kit
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    pedicure course toronto

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