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Russian Manicure & Sculpting with Soak-Off Gels + KIT (Level 1)

Russian Manicure & Sculpting with Soak-Off Gels + KIT (Level 1)

$1500+ tax

5 days

10am- 4pm each day

    One of our representatives will contact you personally with all additional details of the course!

    Student In-Class Kits for FREE!

    *Kit value = $330

    Toronto russian manicure training

    Perfect Russian E-File Manicure with Soak-Off Gel Overlay- clean and safe Manicure

    • Unique techniques
      Detailed theory and practicing on REAL models
    • Emi international certificate
    • FREE GIFT! Basic kit included
    • FREE Gift! Quick designs
    • Nail Rehab – how to fix damaged nails


    • Product intro + Skin & Nail Biology
    • Nail anatomy & nail/skin Diseases & Conditions
    • Material Chemistry
    • Sterilization
    • Nail Shaping & Strengthening
    • Nail Straightening & Sealing
    • Fixing Broken Nails
    • Russian E-Filing & Cuticle work
    • Combined Manicure (including E-File and scissors/nippers)
    • Nail booster for damaged nails
    • Coating using gel paints and Emilac
    russian manicure training
    russian manicure training Toronto

    Practical experience:

    • Special manicure with no sharp instruments
    • Combined Manicure utilizing drill bits and special Russian scissors for the perfect cut
    • Different types of soak-off gels
    • Emi unique Nail sealing- why do we need it?
    • Nail straightening- fixing the nail bed’s shape using base gels
    • Different nail shapes
    • Closest-to-the-cuticle gel polish application
    • Types of top coats
    • Gel polish removal
    • Quick no-filing techniques


    • How to take the most selling pictures
    • How to operate a successful Instagram account and bring in new clients
    • Special Spa treatments
    • Intro to quick and easy designs
    russian manicure training GTA

    Show off your new skills after taking our 5-day course:

    Russian Manicure Nail Course Toronto
    Russian Manicure Professional Nail Course
    Russian Manicure Professional Nail Course Toronto

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